Adopt - Dachshund Rescue Australia
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Fill out the form to start adoption process
Available Dachshunds

Before completing this form, you need to ensure that you can commit financially to keeping vaccinations and veterinary health checks up to date. DRA recommend pet insurance as Dachshunds can be prone to IVDD which could result in back surgery costing in excess of $7,000. Answering all questions with as much information as possible makes it easier for us to identify homes which will suit a particular dachshund.

Everyone’s circumstances understandably change from time to time. In view of this, adoption forms will only be kept on the system for 6 months. Please make a note to remember to resubmit your form if you still wish to be considered. In the meantime if your details or working hours change or you no longer wish to be considered, it would help if you could please let us know.

DRA provides the service of rehoming dachshunds free of charge.  We do charge an adoption fee to the new owners.  The price range to adopt a dachshund from DRA ranges from $350 through to $700 depending on their age, location and circumstances.  Dachshunds are a financial commitment and we want all dachshunds to be valuable members of the family.  All adoption fees go towards rehoming costs including veterinary care that some dachshunds require such as vaccinations and de sexing.  Please do not ask for discounts or for adoption fees to be waived.