Available Dachshunds (Sausage Dog, Wiener Dog, Doxie) | Dog Rescue
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Available Dachshunds

Please note, not all dachshunds who require re-homing are advertised

Fortunately we are able to quickly re-home many dachshunds through our existing database of applicants. If you would like to be considered for future adoptions, please complete the form at the link:

If you’re completing an adoption form for a particular dachshund, please mention which dachshund when you send through the form.

Beau – Sydney

Beau is a beautiful, gentle and affectionate 2 year old Dachshund cross Koolie who is very sadly having to look for a new home because the older dachshund at home is becoming less tolerant. Although the 2 boys get along like best friends 99% of the time, the older dog has become less accepting of Beau’s energy and playfulness. Beau is an intelligent, kind and inquisitive boy who loves to play fetch, go on car rides and cuddle on the couch. He loves being with people and he is good with children.

About 10 months ago Beau came into his current family not knowing his name, not toilet trained, couldn’t walk on his lead, or know basic commands. His new family have turned his life around and made great progress with him so he is now a much loved, affectionate and well behaved member of the family. He knows his name, is toilet trained, walks on a lead and knows basic commands. Beau has had a lot of training but he did not get socialised as a puppy so he still displays some anxious behaviour around other dogs. He would be best placed in a single dog family, with a big backyard and who are committed to his ongoing training.

He is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped #900079000360929. Adoption fee $450.

Please complete an online adoption form and  contact sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au


Tina, Shell Cove, NSW – approx 5.8 k – on 2 week trial

A lovely gentle 14 year old mini who is very sadly having to look for a new home as her elderly owner is moving and can no longer have her.

Tina was born deaf so is very used to a silent world but she can read hand signals! Whilst she might be 14, she’s still enjoying her two walks a day and when it comes to the afternoon walk, she begins to get very antsy if it’s time for the walk, and we all know how well dachshunds know the time of day – usually for dinner!

Tina also loves her belly rubs, lying in the sun and enjoys going in the car visiting friends and accompanying her Dad on his errands in the car.

If you could offer the right home for Stella in her retirement you would be well rewarded with company on your daily walks, car trips and affection.

Please contact Karan – karan@dachshundrescueaustralia.com

microchip number 945000000340529

Shell Cove NSW



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