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Available Dachshunds

Please note, not all dachshunds who require re-homing are advertised

Fortunately we are able to re-home many dachshunds through our existing database of applicants. If you would like to be considered for future adoptions, please complete the form at the link:

If you’re completing an adoption form for a particular dachshund, please mention which dachshund when you send through the form.

Frank and Betty, Port Macquarie, NSW

Frank is 8.5 years old and weighs approximately 7.1 kilos and Betty is 7 years old weighing approximately 7.3 kilos.

This beautiful pair of dachshunds are looking for a home with a retired couple who will be mostly at home with them.

Frank is your typical dachshund, a little wary of strange dogs and people and will bark to warn them off, and also whilst he’s tolerant of young children he definitely would prefer much older ones! Frank is extremely affectionate and loyal, and would love nothing more than to be by your side or on your lap all day long; so does fret when left at home alone for too long.

Betty is completely submissive towards other dogs and will roll on her back when approached by other dogs.  She is also extremely affectionate and is very placid by nature. Betty is best friends with and very protective of the family’s three year old son.  Unfortunately, a couple of months ago Betty did go through an episode of IVDD and has recovered with crate rest, acupuncture and swimming exercises down at the beach.  She does have a slight wobbly walk as a result but it hasn’t stopped Betty from enjoying all that life has to offer – including her favourite pastime of chasing lizards in the backyard!

They are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped (Frank microchip # – 982000148321833 and Betty microchip # 978102100045038).

Gordi and Murphy – Drouin Victoria

These two 5 year old boys are looking for a new home together where they will be very much part of the family who will take them on daily walks as they love being out and about.  A country property would be ideal rather than busy suburbia with lots of dogs around as they can be a little barky when they meet new dogs until they are familiar with them. Ball is a favourite game of theirs, mostly to see who can get there first, but in typical dachshund fashion don’t expect the ball to be brought back to you.

Must be a couple or a family with older children as Gordi is not keen on the very little ones.  They are slightly overweight at the moment as the family have been so busy and unable to take them on their daily walks.

The boys are housetrained, affectionate, desexed, vaccinated but are not fond of cats!

Please complete an online adoption form first and contact


Microchip #900032001970982 and 900032001981018

Holly and Beau. WA

Holly and Beau have the same parents,  but Holly is 4 and Beau is 6.  Both are wild boar coloured wire haired dachshunds , with Beau being bigger than Holly. Holly is big “mini“ size  whereas Beau is “small” standard.  They have had a lovely farm upbringing with lots of forest walks, but also enjoy sun baking in the yard   Holly and Beau are inside dogs, sleeping on the bed at night with lots of cuddles. Originally part of a larger group of dachshunds , they are used to the company of other dachshunds, but have not been socialised much otherwise. It is considered that they would be very happy to play with older, teenage children but young children are not advisable. They are also unknown with cats as they haven’t met any.

It should be noted that they are very tenacious hunters for rats, mice etc , and unfortunately both can be tempted to chase sheep so will require sound fencing Their ideal place would be in a more rural environment with a large yard at least, with a lot of cuddles. If someone was around in the day time that would be perfect ,although they are not known to have any separation anxiety, it is just what they are used to.

If you would like to know more about these two, and match their needs, please complete and online adoption form and contact:


Archie – Sydney

Archie is 5 years old and looking for a new home where his owners will be home for the majority of the day.

Archie loves to spend his days playing ball and would happily play all day if he could!  He is an anxious dachshund and is currently on medication for his separation anxiety.   Archie is extremely affectionate and when he’s not playing ball will sit on your lap and enjoy cuddles and tummy rubs.  Archie isn’t used to children and has been known to nip if he is taken by surprise, therefore he would be more suitable in a home with older teenagers who understand his issues.

Archie is a nervous little guy who is a little scared of life in general.  We are looking for a home where there is already an established female dachshund who can keep Archie calm or a home where he would be an only dachshund to enjoy all of the love and attention.

Archie is around 9.5kg, toilet trained, de sexed and up to date with his vaccinations.  Adoption fee: $450.

Please fill in an adoption form and contact ruth@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au if you are interested to learn more about welcoming this beautiful little boy into your home.


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