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DRA has been helping rescue and privately rehome dachshunds across Australia since 2009


Lulu (Vic)

Lulu was surrendered to the pound on Mother’s Day in an extremely distressed state and a phone call to our volunteer had her racing down to help with Ava.  It has taken Ava a while to relax, unwind and show her beautiful nature.  She loves snuggling up on the couch and running around the back garden with her new dachshund brother, Dash.  There has been a change in Dash’s behavior too and he thinks Lulu is rather wonderful and loves having her in his life.

Smokey (Qld)

Smokey now has full run of a garden and with regular exercise, his new owner is building up the strength and muscles in his back legs as a result of being chained during the days.  Unfortunately his terror of men will last some time, but as he’s so young  we’re hoping that these memories of his will eventually fade, at least enough to be happy with the men in his current family.  Smokey is a much happier boy these days and particularly thrilled to have a dachshund sister as his playmate.

Atticus (NSW)

Atticus who had got just a tad lazy with his walks, is now living in a retirement village and cannot get enough of his twice daily walks.  We think it has something to do with all the white fluffy dogs that he meets around the village and who all seem to want to be Atticus’s girlfriends!  Too funny, and this is another little boy who is positively thriving in his new home.

Mowgli (SA)

A very typical dachshund who likes to bark and ask questions later!  He’s settled in extremely well and has an older Collie X for company.  Mowgli is an active boy and always needs a ball to chase and fortunately, whilst both he and the collie love toys, they like different ones so no arguing.

Ava (Qld)

This rather gorgeous bundle of energy and a mass of contradictions, has settled into her new home with another of our rescues Banjo.  Banjo is now exhausted trying to keep up with her and looking after his younger sister.  Not content with wearing out Banjo she has made great friends with the beagle next door and loves playing with him too.  Ava took a while to relax in her new home but is now very much at home.  We’re also hoping with ongoing car trips and the continual comings and goings of her parents, that she will eventually lose all her fear of both cars and being left on her own.

Heidi (NSW)

Young Heidi had already been in two homes via Gumtree before being surrendered to DRA. She was suffering from separation anxiety but we’re delighted to report that in her new home, her anxiety has all but disappeared. Another family member has a dachshund who is a frequent visitor to her home so she can look forward to those play dates and the rest of the time she is spoilt rotten with her devoted parents and a Father whose utterly besotted by her! Mum is a keen seamstress and had knocked up this blanket overnight, as you do! So she had a lovely pink blanket to snuggle up in on the drive to her new home.

Vienna and Chorizo (NSW)

The pictures tell the story of where these two came from to where they are now – please think about where you get that puppy from.

Gucci (VIC)

Gucci has found an amazing home with a very gentle couple who take Gucci everywhere.  He’s been to the markets in Melbourne, explored the countryside and it has to be said that whilst he has fallen in love with his new parents,  he is besotted with his dad.  Never ceases to amaze us how some of these dachshunds are so quick to adapt to their new homes.

here these two came from to where they are now – please think about where you get that puppy from.

Beaujolais (QLD)

Beauji who was always a free spirited little boy had become stressed and anxious when his family moved from their rural property to the city suburbs. He is now living happily in a much loved family of three dachshunds. His owners are home majority of the day and he has taken on the role of protector of the property and its residents. Beauji spends much of his day discovering which trees the possums are sleeping in, lying in the sun and patrolling the perimeter to alert everyone of any possible intruders. This proud little man has settled well into his new forever home.

Lulu (Vic)

Lulu’s owners were relocating interstate and her vet declared Lulu at 13 years of age as too old to fly as she also has a heart murmur.  Lulu managed to find a fabulous retirement home where she has settled right in.  She has had a week of unexpected upheaval with builders arriving together with one of the son’s curly coated retrievers having to come and stay for the week.  Lulu does not like large dogs but having given him a nip or two to keep him in his place they are now getting on quite well, together with the resident cat.  She might be 13 years old but she is extremely fast when it comes to food!  She wakes up 6 am and tries it on and then as soon as it’s light she races off to the kitchen and waits… and waits… until one of her parents get up to feed her!

Wilba (VIC)

Wilba has been on quite the journey with DRA needing a trainer to come and help, several visits to the vet on a variety of issues including having to be desexed and our enormous thanks go out to his foster carer who has managed to fit all of this in together with helping Wilba to transform into a better behaved dachshund.  He now has a dachshund sister for company and is living on a country property which is just what he asked for!

Bobby and Hermie (VIC)

Bobby (B&T) and Hermie are an inseparable and adorable pair of boys who have brought lots of joy into their new home.  Naughty Bobby has been forgiven for dragging his mum’s new shoes onto the back lawn and Hermie is a sensitive little soul who took a couple of days to settle in.  Together this duo spend their days exploring their new garden, rolling in the grass and making sure all is in order.  Trips in the car and going to the beach is high on their list of favourite activities .  Bobby and Hermie are also a pair of budding models who will happily pose for photographs when there are treats involved.

Hudson (SA)

Whilst Hudson appeared to be fearless of most things he had no idea what to do when meeting other dogs.  He wasn’t an easy adoption but thanks to his parents putting in the time and giving him a chance, Hudson has come on in leaps and bounds and is so well suited to being in the country.  As well as now getting on with the resident cat, who is the boss of everyone! He now gets on well with the Lagotto and the other dachshund.  When not on farm duties he’s learnt to enjoy outings for morning coffee.

Frank and Tiggy (VIC)

This much loved pair with a particular penchant for carrots and who would be the first in the kitchen when the vegetable peeler drawer was opened, have now settled into life in the country, which is exactly where they should be.

Introduction to the resident cat is coming along nicely and it won’t be long till all are living in harmony. Our heartfelt thanks goes to their new owners for providing the necessary time and patience to allow the boys to settle in.

Doug  (VIC)

Doug the fearless hunter who had got himself into big trouble with the guinea pigs, is a beautiful natured and very affectionate dachshund.  He did not endear himself to his new owners at the beginning, with terrible separation anxiety and less than desirable behaviour when he met the grandchildren.  However, our huge thanks to his parents for working through this and giving him time to settle in as now they cannot imagine life without Doug.  Whilst he still doesn’t appreciate being left on his, after 10 minutes he settles down and gets on with it.

Frankie and Snag (NSW)

Frankie and Snag, a senior pair of boys are now in their forever home and have adapted extremely well in the capable hands of their new owner.  Walks every morning and a joy to their owner.

Winnie (NSW)

Now that she doesn’t have to fight off her sister when vying for attention, Winnie is a very happy girl.  She has been the perfect addition in her new home and her doting parents fell in love with her immediately.  Winnie enjoys taking her owners out for long walks every morning and in the afternoon she enjoys her nap whilst snuggled up on a comfy lap.

Cherry (QLD)

Sweet little Cherry is a very happy girl in her new home and just adores her new big sister Jolie.  Although little sisters can be annoying at times, Jolie has adjusted to the little copycat and constant follower without any major issues.  Cherry settled into her new home very quickly and is thriving on the 24/7 companionship she now has.

Huego (SA)

The very handsome Huego has quickly settled into the routine of his new home.  He likes going for his daily walks, swims in the river, trips in the car and also ignoring his new older sister Abby’s attempts to get him to play with her.  His favourite past time is to ensure that the chooks don’t come up to the veranda and they  have quickly learned who the new boss of the home is.  His new owners couldn’t be more delighted with their new little housekeeper as now they don’t need to sweep up the mess that the chickens used to leave behind!

Trevor (NSW)

Trev was sold on Gumtree and then fortunate enough to come our way for rehoming.  He is now living with another two of our rescues in a truly wonderful home where there are another two dachshunds, including Grandmother Olga.  She fell in love with Trev and this has given her a new lease in life having a young dachshund to keep her on her paws.  When she gets tired there’s always Sir Bentley to race around with.

Winston and Lola (Vic)

These two very beloved dachshunds had sort of adapted to a new human baby, but it effected their behaviours in other ways.  They developed separation anxiety and became extremely defensive of their home, presumably taking on all guarding duties of the new family member very seriously.  Unfortunately even with the help of a behaviourist, nothing changed and their home became a fortress with no visitors allowed through the door.  They’re now with a retired couple who love having dachshunds back in their lives and Winston and Lola are slowly reverting back to their old happy ways.

Charlie and Lola (W.A.)

It didn’t take long for Lola to melt her new owners hearts with her loving nature and also Charlie, who has always been rather anxious, is fast becoming a chilled out little boy who loves his walks and meeting the neighbours. Together this delightful duo have made themselves at home where they have new toys to play with and are two very happy Long Dogs!

Milly and Theo (W.A.)

After losing their beloved dog, the arrival of Milly and Theo has brought back lots of joy and love into their new home.  This adorable pair have each attached themselves to their new owners.  Milly loves to snuggle on mum’s lap (which is always a good excuse not to do any chores!) and Theo follows his new dad like a shadow.  These little rascals do need to learn a few manners, especially Theo when it comes to visitors, but they are eager to please and learning quickly.

Cooper (QLD)

Cooper was left grief stricken after the loss of his twin sister and would cry when left alone.  Since his adoption,  Cooper’s life has turned around with two dachshund brothers Alex and Bennie to keep him company.  Now there is no time for sadness with things to do, places to be with fun and games to be had.  Cooper is once again a happy boy with a wagging tail.

Louis (WA)

Louis was a very sad rehoming for his family, who had moved to a rural block on a steep hillside that was proving impossible to contain a dachshund who wanted to hunt the neighbours chickens and  visit the children at the local school!  They were concerned that he would either get run over or bitten by a snake so finally decided that rehoming was in his best interest.


He settled into his new home so well and quickly made friends with their lonely dachshund. It is as though he has always lived there and he loves being out and about on walks and going camping too.

Frankie (VIC)

Frankie has become a bit of a technical whizz since arriving at his new home. Every afternoon he settles down to Face Time the oldest son who is at boarding school!

This interaction has enabled them to enjoy a special bond when they get to meet up at the school (where he has already met and charmed the fellow students and staff) and on weekends at home.


Frankie is also a great friend to the younger son and is lucky enough to sleep in his own basket next to him every night.  Day times are spent going on walks and greeting all that wish to stop and say hello to this gorgeous little man.


Frankie’s arrival has brought tremendous joy to his new family and they have loved every minute of his company.

Frank (QLD)

Frank (pictured here with a white striped ear having helped everyone to paint)  is a very relaxed and happy little boy and gets on well with his new dachshund brother Toby.  Frank is very affectionate and needs to keep his nearest and dearest close by.


One of his favourite spots in the home is half way up the stairs where he likes to lie down and watch the coming and goings of his new family.  He has however caused many a fright as he is the same colour as the floor boards and now the family have to watch their every step in case they trip over him!

Honey (SA)

As her name suggests, Honey is the sweetest little girl who has filled her new home with much happiness, laughter and love.


This little lady of leisure likes to awaken at around 7.30 or 8am every morning before going on a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood.  She might then perhaps have a little nap before a game of chasing the ball around the garden or removing all the squeaky bits from her toys.


She follows her owner everywhere and if she suspects that mum is going out she sits next to the front door so that she is not left behind!  When Honey is ready for bed she paces the hallway until mum tucks her into the human bed for the night….

Bindy and Bundy (NSW)

Bindy and Bundy, two little rascals as only puppies can be, are now with a wonderful family with 2 other dachshunds and a cavoodle, living an exciting life on a large property.


They’re enjoying exploring, rolling in mud and being taken with the family wherever they go.  As well as their inquisitive natures there’s also plenty of cuddle time.

Lola (NSW)

Unfortunately we will never know why 15 week old Lola suffers from such extreme anxiety.  It was a difficult and heart wrenching decision for her owners to surrender her to DRA at such a young age, but they knew their home environment was distressing for Lola and also their other dachshund.


Lola is now with owners who are at home all the time and are able to give Lola the 24/7 company and security that she craves.  Slowly and surely Lola is starting to build her confidence enjoying her walks, cuddles and playtime, but then every now and then she retreats back to her anxious self.


Thank you to her owners for their never ending love and patience for this little girl and we are keeping our fingers crossed that one day she will be the confident little dachshund that she deserves to be.

Frankie (QLD)

This gorgeous little munchkin has always been an anxious dachshund which was made worse by the arrival of a baby.  Frankie has taken to her new home with Schnitzel (another rescue of ours) who is exceptionally chilled out and has helped Frankie to overcome some of her anxiety.


When she’s not hiding and burying her toys in the garden she can be found under the car helping her Dad do some mechanical work.

Ollie (NSW)

2 year old Ollie and his dad bonded almost straightaway and are now living happily together.

However, whilst Ollie has a lovely nature with humans and children, his insecurity and having to attack other dogs is unacceptable.  Ollie is now in boot camp training learning new ways forward, so that he becomes socially acceptable whilst out walking!

Rojo (NSW)

10 year old Rojo who has spent his life running around acreage has adapted extremely well to life on the Central Coast with two other dachshunds.


Whilst he was extremely healthy he has had 15 teeth out and is feeling much better and of course is much sweeter to be around for those kisses!

Richard (VIC)

Fun loving Richard is still the happy little boy that he has always been.  His new family just adore this little man and his new older dachshund sister Monkey is equally delighted with Richards arrival.

Richard spends his days going on long walks, playing and getting lots of cuddles.  When he’s finally worn out from following his mum around everywhere, he can be found sleeping next to Monkey.

Ferdi (NSW)

Ferdi is loving life in his new home getting his twice daily walks either down to the beach or around the park.

His parents are home all the time which is what he’s used to and he’s also got another dachshund whose teaching him what doggy toys are for!

Meantime his parents have described him as little darling.


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